Versatile sheepskins and sheepskin products from Mohair & More

At Mohair & More we are offering a nice selection of sheepskin products which just show how versatile and useful sheepskin is as an everyday all year round product.

Our native British sheepskins (which are natural in colour and undyed) are available in singles, or stitched together in double and quadruple form. The colours available are natural (off white), grey Herdwick, Jacob (brown or black and white patches or spots), and chocolate and dark brown. Within these colours (because they are natural products) there is variation and also variation in the shagginess or shortness of the wool. So if you would like to order a sheepskin it is possible to specify exact requirements.

Mohair & More single and double sheepskins are great for beside beds, on sofas (either the seat or back) by fireplaces, on the back seat of cars and are really good on the back of outside chairs during summer evening barbecues in Britain, both for comfort and warmth. Quadruple rugs make a statement in the middle of stone or oak floors, in front of hearths and are very good in bedrooms.

A warning about sheepskins – every dog and cat for miles around will make a bee line for them, and in an attempt to keep them off ‘their’ sheepskins, customers have increasingly bought chocolate and brown single sheepskins for their dogs beds, or even for their dogs in the car, so that they can travel in the lap of luxury!

Mohair & More sheepskin car seat covers are increasingly popular and fit all models of car with a headrest. Great for everything from a Jaguar to a John Deere tractor, or Fiat to Ferrari. We offer natural, black, grey and mink – colours to suit all colour and type of vehicle, and are a real essential luxury, especially in the winter months.

Mohair & More sheepskin bean bags, poufs (footstools) and large floor cushions are all hand made in Britain from British sheepskins using first class craftsmanship. We do matching sets, available in long wool or shorn wool,natural, mouse grey, vole and taupe colours. These are another essential luxury that will grace anyone’s home and they blend in very well with old and new, modern designer and

traditional decor and room furnishings. Also great in small rooms, large rooms, grand rooms and not so grand rooms, they add softness, cosiness and style to any space, and they are easy to look after.

Finally in our collection at Mohair & More we have some new sheepskin hot water bottle covers, available in Natural or mouse grey.They are just fab, and add another dimension to the luxury of a hot water bottle at night.

Without exaggerating, Mohair & More sheepskin products can go a long way to transforming peoples everyday lives in terms of comfort, warmth and style and become an essential luxury which will give many years of enjoyment and pleasure.

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